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Pre-junior Program
You have to start somewhere and if you are a young person just starting your water polo journey, this is the best place to start.
Below are the two programs that Dolphins offers for young players from Pre-primary to year 6 inclusive. Dolphins specifically aligns these programs to school years such that players can stay with their school mates and not be divided by year of birth.
Dolphin Ball
The Dolphin Ball program is for the Pre-primary to Year 3 group and is your starting point to the world of water polo.
In this program, which runs on Saturday mornings, young players are taught the basic individual skills, some team skills and some of the fundamental rules of the game.
Friday Night Flippa Ball
Here's a bit of Friday night fun for those in year 4 to year 6.
Having learnt the basics at Dolphins Ball, now move into a program that is competitive and fun. If you haven't played before then we have great coaches on hand to help you out and there are training sessions on Monday and Wednesday nights.
Fast Fives
After Year 6 and Flippa Ball there is two options open to our young water polo players. One option is to compete in the interclub competitions held by Water Polo WA. These competitions are held on Sunday afternoon or Monday night at Hale School or HBF Stadium. Then for those with prior commitments or perhaps you can't make the required training commitment for the interclub competition or you just want to take it easy and simply play a game once a week, well now there is Fast Fives.
Fast Fives is for years 7s and is played on Saturday mornings. The rules are not the same as the junior comp, there is less swimming but the defence is intense and goaly scoring opportunities abound.
The competition is open to individuals, school teams or bring along your winter sport team and keep the team work going. We believe the players will get the most out of the session with teams of no more than 7, this allows for 2 reserves, happy to discuss.
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