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Adult Program
The Dolphins Water Polo Club has teams, based on interested player numbers, in all Water Polo WA competitions and divisions. The club ensures that adequate training times are available such that players can hone their skills and keep fit.
The season runs from October till March and fees are curently set at $400.00.
Water Polo Western Australia (WPWA) runs a number of open competitions during the summer period.
Tuesday night is Masters night with teams in the 50+ and 60+ age groups, they may be getting on in years but the enthusiasm is still there.
On wednesday night the senior competition is played at different venues around Perth, from Rockingham to Somerset, there are a number of divisions that cater for the different skills and fitness levels of the players.
Never to old they say and how true it is. FINA the world governig body for aquatics, water polo included, have seen the light and hold a Masters World Championships every second year after the World swimming Championships.
Dolphins players of all genders have embraced this event with open arms and look forward to the competition, medals (yes we have won a few) and the good times.
It is never too late to have a go and on the world stage.
At Dolphins we want to do things a little differently. We want to offer members something different that's a lot of fun.
Beach water polo lets us play the game we love and take in the sun, sand and surf. Iconic Cottesloe Beach is the location for the Dolphins Beach Water Polo Challenge where teams (can be mixed) play for the Frank Sturgeon Trophy in a handicapped event. Teams of 4 play a half field game where the goalie is nuetral.
Each game only last 6 minutes and there are no minor fouls, you foul someone you have to swim to the corner before coming back into the game. The games are fast, lots of goals are scored and the game is light which is a big plus for the not so experienced and older players.
There will be two events this season, one before the Christmas break and hopefully one on Australia day. Beach Water Polo having some fun at Dolphins.
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